Advantages of K-KONTROL System

The main advantages of K-KONTROL® system are:

  • high energy efficiency
  • low air permeability of K-KONTROL® panel constructions prevents temperature fluctuations in the construction; heat resistance (R) of the construction is very stable
  • air humidity in buildings does not influence the heat resistance of the construction in the casing built from the panels
  • K-KONTROL® System has no holes and cavities so that there is no loss of heat or of conditioned air, there is no vertical movement of air inside the construction (for example compare with the insulation from glass wool or mineral wool or loose materials).
  • K-KONTROL® System has a low number of connections in relation to the construction area so that there are fewer heat bridges than in other system of wooden or steel constructions built from concrete or brick blocks.
  • K-KONTROL® System is resistant to damage by rodents and insects (the foam substance is indigestible for animals).

K-KONTROL® System is ecological:

  • materials used in the production of K-KONTROL® System do not contain CFC, HCFC, HFC and formaldehydes.
  • wooden casing from OSB boards can be reprocessed into new particle boards
  • the core of K-KONTROL® panel is made from polystyrene (EPS) and can be recycled
  • the core of K-KONTROL® panel is inert, has no nutritional value and is unchangeable (is not active), does not produce adverse gases and no leachants.
  • the core from EPS does not decompose and does not disintegrate, is safe for waste dumps and backfills
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