Utilization of the system


New Generation of Low Energy Boats for Whole Year Accommodation.


Kronborg is the first houseboat prototype with a wooden structure living area from K-KONTROL® system. In the last years, our universal sandwich system is more and more utilized for dry constructions of family houses and holiday cottages. Now the system can be built on water.

The basic unit of the K-KONTROL® system is composed of two OSB boards and an insulation fill from stabilized self-extinguishing EPS polystyrene. These serve to put together, like a puzzle-game, the living area of the houseboat - floor, walls and ceiling. The wooden construction for Kronborg prototype is founded to a steel block. The construction can also be seated on floaters or an other baseplate, e. g. piles, a concrete block or the hull of an ex-service ship.




  • Possibility of whole-year accommodation for holiday purposes or for actual living.
  • Only one fourth of thermal loss is achieved in comparison to standard houseboats, and thermal loss in winter max. 2 kWh at 30 m2.
  • K-KONTROL® panels, high-quality sealing and Heroal windows ensure protection against drought as the most unpleasant problem of living on water.
  • Big glassed-in surfaces and the water level reflexion ensure warmth even in the spring or in the autumn, when normal houseboats use fuel to generate warmth..
  • The assembly of the living area on the baseplate takes only a few days, not weeks.
  • One standard K-KONTROL® panel can easily be carried by two persons.

Specification of low-energy houseboat Kronborg:

Total dimension with terraces: 4,2 x 13 m
Total dimension of the living superstructure: 9 x 3,8 m
Foundation: steel block
Draught: 20 cm
Living superstructure: K-KONTROL® sandwich panels, Heroal windows and door
Disposition: 1+kitchen/bathroom, 30m2
Bathroom: WC, bathroom with shower 2.5 m2
Thermal loss: 1816 W

Additional options and accessories:

controlled airing with Lifebreath recuperation
solar panels for the heating of
water for cooking and washing
photo-voltaic panels with energy accumulation
for independent living
etc. many other options


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