Utilization of the system

Type Houses

Prefabricated houses are offered in different styles and sizes. They are as diverse as families are who live in them. All turn-key houses comply with the low energy standard of the K-KONTROL system.

The offer of wood constructions is continually updated with new types. We know that a type project does not always respond quickly to a customer`s demands. Neither does it take into account special situation of the terrain or built-up area where the building is to be constructed. We listen to our customers, we take notice to their needs and we are ready to offer to the customer a new alternative solution of a selected type house, or we are able to design the whole wood construction to meet the idea of the customer or architect.

The customer may choose from different levels of construction completion. The basic variant is carcass construction - the house is closed from the outside. Materials for finishing work can be purchased in our StavCentrum section. Also, any jobs in connection with the finishing of the house can be ordered from CZECH PAN company.



Abies is a single-storey family house for a family of four. Stress is laid on minimum investment and operation costs.


The ground-floor family house ALNUS is designed for comfortable life of two people regardless of age.


Thuja is a family house with a decent look but fascinating usability.


Betula is a two-storey family house. Despite its small dimension it is big enough for a family of four.


Castanea is a modern two-storey family house with an aisle roof and covered roofed terrace.


Cydonia is a two-storey family house with a compact shape which contributes to very low operation costs.


The small Populus family house is suitable for a family of three. The design of the house meets the demand for traditional look of houses for village areas.


If you spend a while in the Quercus family house you will never ever want to live anywhere else. Quercus is well suited for a family of six.


Salix is a two-storey family house with a dwelling attic. High energy-efficiency of living.
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